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After a decade of existential crisis, a man convinces his family to sell all their possessions and go on a yearlong RV trip in an attempt to find the meaning of life.

Format: Docuseries (30-45 minute episodes)
Genre: Travel, Adventure, Nomad Life, Family, Inspirational
Audience: 20-50yo, Couples binge night, Travel Lovers, Seekers
Creator: Justin Jackola


Synopsis: How does one live life to the fullest? After 10-years of existential angst, filmmaker Justin Jackola convinces his wife, 3-year old, and black lab to sell their home, everything they own, and live the nomadic RV life. Attempting to live life to the fullest, they travel across the entire U.S., driving the most beautiful roads, camping the most marvelous views, hiking the most wonderous trails, and meeting hundreds of fellow nomads living free from ordinary life. Though attempting to live a life of sensation, Justin will stop at nothing to find what he's ultimately looking for: the meaning of his life. A quest that has cursed him for years. Justin's journey brings him and his RV to the doorsteps of some of the wisest gurus, scholars, philosophers, historians, and scientists of our day. He fights through natural disasters, RV malfunctions, wild animals, violent strangers, and his own dark thoughts to keep his RV on the road, his marriage intact, and his journey to find the truth of this life alive.


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